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第一届女性质谱学者国际研讨会 The 1st International Virtual Symposium of Female Scientists and Supporters in Mass spectrometry(2021)

直播时间 07月22日 09:00 - 07月22日 17:00


Mass spectrometry is a powerful tool in many fields such as chemistry, biology, medicine, materials, food, environment, and public safety. The proportion of female scientists in the field of mass spectrometry is also increasing, and they are playing an ever increasingly important role in their respective positions. 

Therefore, www.instrument.com.cn plans to co-organize with the Females in Mass Spectrometry (FeMS) to organize “The 1st International Virtual Symposium of Female Scientists and Supporters in Mass spectrometry” on July 22, 2021 in the Beijing time, aiming to create a network for females and their supporters in the field of mass spectrometry at all career stages and paths, and share inspiring career/personal experience or valuable advice with the audience. 


9 am July 22nd, 2021 in Beijing time

9 pm EDT/6 pm PDT July 21st,2021 in US



基于此,仪器信息网在Females in Mass Spectrometry(FeMS)组织的大力支持下,于2021年7月22日举办“第一届女性质谱学者国际研讨会”,旨在为质谱领域的女性学者从学业生活到个人心路历程等方面搭建沟通、交流的平台,激励质谱领域女性学者的工作热情、帮助领域内女性学者的事业发展。

主办单位:hosted by https://www.instrument.com.cn/webinar/



07月22日 Multi-omics Enlighten Chemistry and Life Sciences (质谱在多组学研究的技术应用进展)
看回放 Multidimensional Characteristics for Highly Confident Measurements and Scientists基于多维特征分析实现高可信度质谱检测
Erin S. Baker( North Carolina State University[北卡罗莱纳州立大学] FeMS board member)
看回放 Single cell proteomics in neurons 单神经元蛋白组学
John R. Yates III(Scripps Research[斯克利普斯研究所] Professor )
看回放 On-tissue Spatially Resolved Multiomics Analyses Enabled by MALDI MS Imaging Coupled with In-situ Chemical Reactions MALDI质谱成像辅助原位化学反应实现空间分辨的组织原位多组学分析
Lingjun Li[李灵军](School of Pharmacy University of Wisconsin[威斯康星大学麦迪逊分校] Professor)
看回放 Top-down Proteomics and Metabolomics for Precision Medicine 精准医学中的Topdown蛋白组学和代谢组学研究
Ying Ge[葛瑛](University of Wisconsin-Madison[威斯康星大学] Professor)
看回放 Community-building: Plasma Lipidomics and Beyond 搭建研究群体:血浆脂质组学
Anne K Bendt( National University of Singapore [新加坡国立大学] FeMS co-founder[FeMS共同创始人])
Lunch Break
看回放 In-depth urine and serum proteome maps immune responses associated with the COVID-19 disease 深度尿液和血清蛋白质组与新冠的免疫谱图
Catherine Wong [黄超兰](北京大学医学部精准医疗多组学研究中心 中心主任/研究员)
Chemical Proteomics:From Drug Target Discovery to Glycolytic Metabolites Targetome Mining 化学蛋白质组学:从药物靶标发现到解码糖酵解代谢靶标组
Hui Ye[叶慧](China Pharmaceutical University[中国药科大学] Associate Professor)
MS-based approaches for analysis of glycosylation and their application 蛋白质糖基化质谱分析新方法及应用
Ying Zhang [张莹](Fudan University [复旦大学] Professor)
看回放 安捷伦多组学分析方案及热点应用
胡 楠(安捷伦科技(中国)有限公司 LCMS应用科学家)
Fragment Ion-based Quantitation Methods enable accurate, precisive and dynamic proteome analysis 基于碎片离子的高精准蛋白质组动态分析新方法
Jianhui Liu[刘健慧](CAS[中科院大连化学物理研究所] Postdoctoral )
看回放 Redox Chemoproteomics氧化还原蛋白质组学
Ling Fu[付玲](National Proteome Center[国家蛋白质科学中心] Research assistant)
Deep-Profiling of Aminophospholipids from Biological Samples via Two Orthogonal Derivatizations 基于正交衍生的氨基磷脂组深度分析策略
Qiaohong Lin[林巧红](Tsinghua University[清华大学] Ph.D Candidate)
看回放 Microparticle assisted protein precipitation strategy for drug target screening基于微球辅助的蛋白质沉淀策略的药物靶点筛选研究
Jiawen Lyu[吕佳纹](CAS[中科院大连化学物理研究所] Doctor)


  • Erin S. Baker( North Carolina State University[北卡罗莱纳州立大学] FeMS board member)
    Erin S. Baker is an Associate Professor at North Carolina State University in Raleigh, NC. To date, she has published over 140 peer-reviewed papers utilizing ion mobility spectrometry in conjunction with mass spectrometry (IMS-MS) to study both environmental and biological systems. Erin has served on the ASMS Board of Directors as the Member at Large for Education and is currently serving as the Vice President of Education for the International Lipidomics Society, Events Committee Chair for Females in Mass Spectrometry (FeMS) and as an Associate Director in the NCSU Comparative Medicine Institute. She is also an Associate Editor for the Journal of the American Society for Mass Spectrometry and on the Editorial Board of Scientific Reports and Journal of Proteome Research. She has received seven US patents, two R&D 100 Awards, been named to the Analytical Scientist 2019 Top 100 Power List, aided in the commercialization of the Agilent 6560 IMS-QTOF MS, and was a recipient of the 2016 ACS Rising Star Award for Top Midcareer Women Chemists. The Baker research group utilizes advanced separations, multi-omic analyses and big data assessments to drive innovative mass spectrometry technologies, systems biology evaluations, novel software capabilities and connections between human health and the environment.
  • John R. Yates III(Scripps Research[斯克利普斯研究所] Professor )
    Genomic and EST sequencing projects are providing a sequence infrastructure that is changing how protein biochemistry is practiced. These data along with mass spectrometry provide the cornerstone technologies fueling the proteomics revolution. Our group is focused on developing tools and strategies in proteomics to answer basic biological questions. By coupling the additional amino acid sequence information that can be obtained using peptide tandem mass spectrometry to "back-end" database searching and "front-end" separative techniques, we are able to directly analyze extremely complex protein mixtures. The applications for these technologies vary from analyzing purified protein complexes to studying host-pathogen interactions in diseases such as malaria or anthrax. We are further extending these applications to find post-translational modifications to the proteins within these same complex mixtures.
  • Ying Ge[葛瑛](University of Wisconsin-Madison[威斯康星大学] Professor)
    Dr. Ying Ge is a Professor in the Department of Cell and Regenerative Biology and Department of Chemistry at the University of Wisconsin (UW)-Madison. She received a B.S. from Peking University (Beijing, China) in 1997 and a Ph.D. from Cornell University under the joint supervision of Prof. Fred McLafferty and Prof. Tadhg Begley in 2002. After graduate school, Dr. Ge explored a career in pharmaceutical industry first as a scientist at Wyeth Research (now Pfizer) working in a multi-disciplinary drug discovery team and then as a group leader in PPD, Inc. where she contributed to the characterization of protein drugs in a GMP environment. In 2006, she joined UW-Madison as the Director of Mass Spectrometry in the Human Proteomics Program. In 2012, Dr. Ge started her tenure-track Assistant Professor position, received tenure in 2015, and was promoted to Full Professor in 2019. Dr. Ge’s research is highly interdisciplinary that cuts across the traditional boundaries of chemistry, biology, and medicine. By creatively integrating her expertise in mass spectrometry/proteomics with cardiac biology/medicine, she aims to develop and employ novel top-down proteomics strategies in conjunction with functional studies to gain new insights into the molecular mechanisms of cardiac disease and regeneration. It is her belief that to make significant impact in molecular medicine, it is necessary to combine technological advances with functional studies and bridge the silos between basic and translational/clinical research for precision medicine. Recently her lab has developed a multi-pronged approach to address the challenges in top-down proteomics in a comprehensive manner by developing new mass spectrometry-compatible surfactants for protein solubilization, novel materials and new strategies for multi-dimensional chromatography separation of proteins, novel nanomaterials for enrichment of low-abundance proteins. Additionally, her lab has been developing a comprehensive user-friendly software package for top-down proteomics. Dr. Ge has published 132 papers with several in high impact journals such as Nature Methods, Nature Communications, PNAS, JACS, and Circulation Research. Dr. Ge is passionate about education and is currently mentoring students from chemistry, biology and medicine.
  • Lingjun Li[李灵军](School of Pharmacy University of Wisconsin[威斯康星大学麦迪逊分校] Professor)
    李灵军 教授,2002年起在美国威斯康星大学麦迪逊分校任教,现任该校药学院和化学系双聘教授,并获该校 Vilas 杰出成就教授称号。2000年于美国伊利诺伊大学香槟分校获得化学博士学位,之后在美国太平洋西北国家实验室和布兰迪斯大学进行博士后研究。李灵军先后被授予分析化学个人成就奖(匹兹堡会议)、美国国家科学基金委生涯奖、美国质谱学会研究奖、斯隆基金会研究奖,以及2014年美国质谱学会Biemann Medal,曾任美国华人质谱学会主席,是美国质谱学会杂志副主编。2019年,李灵军教授入选 the Analytical Scientist "全球最有影响力的分析科学家TOP100"榜单。李灵军教授致力于生物分析科学以及质谱相关技术的研究,主要涉及的领域有神经肽组学、蛋白质组学、代谢组学等,并应用这些尖端的分析方法和技术去解决神经生物学、基础和临床医学中的关键性问题。李灵军课题组在生物分析化学领域的贡献主要在构建基于高灵敏度质谱多维分析平台,并应用此平台发现300多个新型神经肽,开发了多重等质量同位素定量 DiLeu 标签试剂等,在高水平杂志上发表论文230多篇,受邀学术报告200余场。
  • Anne K Bendt( National University of Singapore [新加坡国立大学] FeMS co-founder[FeMS共同创始人])
    Anne K Bendt is Principal Investigator and Associate Director at SLING, the Singapore Lipidomics Incubator, an internationally renowned R&D program in lipid research and technology development, anchored at the National University of Singapore. She focusses on the translation of mass spectrometry based technologies into clinical applications, primarily for lipids and small molecules. Anne is further passionate about training and education and has made substantial contributions to SLING’s various workshops and the highly successful ‘ic lipid’ training course. She serves on the ‘Clinical Lipidomics’ steering committee within the International Lipidomics Society, as Editor for the ‘Clinical Mass Spectrometry’ Elsevier journal, and is Lead of the Lipidomics track for the Mass Spectrometry: Application to the Clinical Lab (MSACL) EU conference, where she is also co-instructor of ‘Lipidomics 101’, the very first short course for clinical lipidomics. Early 2019 Anne co-founded the global initiative ‘Females in Mass Spectrometry’ (FeMS), serving as co-chair.
  • 黄超兰(北京大学医学部精准医疗多组学研究中心 中心主任/研究员)
    北京大学医学部精准医疗多组学研究中心主任,北大-清华生命科学联合中心研究员,北京大学医学部基础医学院长聘副教授,曼彻斯特大学生物、医学与健康学院荣誉教授。主要学术兼职包括中国生化与分子生物学会蛋白质组学专业委员会副理事长,《BBA- PROTEINS PROTEOM》期刊副主编等。黄教授长期致力于质谱和蛋白质组学前沿新技术和方法的研究开发,目前专注的研究方向主要包括单细胞蛋白质组学,绝对定量蛋白质组学技术开发及其在基础生物及临床医学中的广泛应用,基于新型捕获离子迁移谱质谱(TIMSTOF)的蛋白质组学新方法开发,以及利用4D-DIA高通量技术开发临床标志物等。迄今为止,已在Cell、Science、Cell Research、Nature Cell Biology、Nature Methods、Nature Communications、Nature Protocols、PNAS等期刊发表超过90篇文章。2014年获选为中科院“引进杰出技术人才”(技术百人),2020年所负责的研究项目成功入选“中国生命科学十大进展”和中国医学科学院“重要医学进展”,2021年获得拜尔学者奖和北京大学“第十一届实验技术成果奖”。
  • Hui Ye[叶慧](China Pharmaceutical University[中国药科大学] Associate Professor)
    Dr. Hui Ye is an associate Professor in China Pharmaceutical University and served as the Communication Committee Co-chair for Females in Mass Spectrometry (FeMS). She received her B.S. degree in Sichuan University and went on to perform her doctoral research in University of Wisconsin-Madison under the supervision of Prof. Lingjun Li. Her expertise in biological mass spectrometry later took her to join China Pharmaceutical University in Nanjing, China. Her current research focuses on developing and implementing an array of novel analytical tools in the area of chemical proteomics exemplified by the Target Responsive Accessibility Profiling TRAP approach and a carbene-based Subresidue-level Footprinting technique. These methods aid to elucidate the direct binding targets for small molecules including natural medicines and functional metabolites, and reveal how these proteins structure and function can be regulated. The gained knowledge is thus utilized to design and synthesize novel ligands that modulate the target proteins that are intimately associated with diseases such as cancer and immune diseases. Dr. Ye has published on journals including Anal Chem, Mol Cell Proteomics, Anal Chim Acta, Redox Biology and Acta Pharmaceutica Sinica B. 现任中国药科大学副研究员、博士生导师。本科毕业于四川大学,博士毕业于美国威斯康星大学麦迪逊分校。获得江苏省六大人才高峰、江苏省科协青年人才托举工程、江苏省双创博士的资助,主持国自然面上、青年项目、江苏省优秀青年项目、国家科技重点专项子任务等科研项目。目前担任中国药理学会药代动力学委员会青年委员、江苏省药理学会理事及青年委员会秘书长、Females in MS (FeMS)联络委员会co-chair。迄今在Redox Biol、Anal Chem、Mol Cell Proteomics等发表多篇文章。研究方向主要基于化学蛋白质组学与生物学手段,阐明活性分子的作用靶点,助力新药研发。
  • Ying Zhang [张莹](Fudan University [复旦大学] Professor)
    博士生导师,主要从事修饰蛋白质组生物质谱分析新方法及其在蛋白质组学中的应用研究。在基于生物质谱的蛋白质修饰研究新方法方面开展了长期系统的研究,创新地引入了多种类型的化学反应和小分子衍生方法提高糖蛋白质和糖链的富集效率及质谱分析能力,实现了中性糖和唾液酸糖的同时准确定量和糖链同分异构体,触角结构、唾液酸个数的可靠解析和识别等;以及发展了病原菌表面糖蛋白等的活体标记方法追踪病细胞感染过程动态相互作用等新方法。以第一和通讯作者(含共同)发表包括Angew Chem Int Ed, Nat Commun, ACS Nano (ESI高被引论文), Chem Sci, 和Anal Chem等在内的SCI论文40余篇,作为共同主编编写英文专著《Mass spectrometry-based Chemical Proteomics》(Wiley, 2019)。入选上海市浦江人才,上海市青年科技启明星等人才计划。
  • Ling Fu[付玲](National Proteome Center[国家蛋白质科学中心] Research assistant)
    2015年获得上海交通大学生物学专业博士学位。2015-至今,就职于国家蛋白质科学中心(北京)蛋白化学修饰与功能调控课题组,主要研究方向为氧化还原蛋白质组学。近5年来建立了分析半胱氨酸氧化还原状态的化学蛋白质组平台,实现了针对反应性巯基、次磺酸、亚磺酸以及硫巯基修饰的系统定位和定量,并描绘了亚磺酸还原酶的底物谱,为氧化还原生物学研究提供了重要工具和丰富资源。目前以第一作者(含共同第一作)身份在Nat Commun,Nat Protoc,Nat Chem Biol,Antioxid Redox Signal,Mol Cell Proteomics等期刊发表数篇学术论文。此外作为项目负责人主持国家自然科学基金青年基金一项,蛋白质组学国家重点实验室自主研究课题一项,并作为学术骨干参与面上项目一项。
  • Qiaohong Lin[林巧红](Tsinghua University[清华大学] Ph.D Candidate)
    教育经历:清华大学 分析化学 理学博士 2017.09 至今北京师范大学 化学 理学学士 2014.09-2017.06研究方向:基于化学衍生-串联质谱联用技术的脂质结构解析已发表论文:Analysis of ether glycerophosphocholines at the level of C=C locations from human plasma. Analyst, 2020, 145, 513.
  • Jianhui Liu[刘健慧](CAS[中科院大连化学物理研究所] Postdoctoral )
    现就职于中国科学院大连化学物理研究所,从事博士后研究工作。本科毕业于南京大学,博士毕业于大连化学物理研究所,师从张玉奎院士、张丽华研究员。长期致力于高精准的蛋白质组定量新方法开发,并应用于分析生命科学、食品安全、微生物工程改造、环境污染等重大领域中的多个实际问题,研究成果发表在Trends in Analytical Chemistry, Analytical Chemistry, Science Bulletin等杂志上,申请中国专利9项,美国专利1项,授权4项,并获得中国博士后科学基金第67批面上资助。
  • Jiawen Lyu[吕佳纹](CAS[中科院大连化学物理研究所] Doctor)
    2011.9 -2015.7 天津大学 药学院 药学专业 理学学士学位2015.9-2021.6 中国科学院大连化学物理研究所 分析化学专业 理学博士学位迄今在Analytical Chemistry, TRAC-Trends in Analytical Chemistry, Analytica Chimica Acta等杂志发表一作文章4篇。研究方向专注于基于质谱的蛋白质组学技术,应用于配体-蛋白相互作用研究,帮助寻找药物靶蛋白及阐述药物作用机制。
  • 胡 楠(安捷伦科技(中国)有限公司 LCMS应用科学家)



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